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Recently, Fire Alarm CAD Drawings have become the standard in most municipalities. The AHJ, architects and engineers all require fire alarm drawings be submitted in CAD format before any approvals are given. The problem is a lot of smaller companies wishing to compete in this market have little or no access to a CAD draftsman, CAD program or plotters.  The only way to get drawings made until now was using professional engineers at a very expensive cost per hour to do the drawings for you. Many of you know these engineers work in a slightly different realm of drawings, usually not what is looked for in submittals. So getting drawings made up to your specifications has been both time consuming and expensive.

Absolute Security, Fire & Design has worked as a large scale fire alarm contractor for many years. Because of this, we employee a full time CAD operations department and are willing to share this department with smaller companies around the USA.  At a greatly reduced cost, our CAD department can render your drawings from start to finish. Our CAD department will work with you on customizing prints to your specifications. We can do as little of the work, saving you money, or all of the work.

The process is simple:

  • Contact our CAD department on how to submit CAD drawings to start the work.
  • Fill out all the required information needed
  • We will strip the drawings and prepare title sheets with your companies  logo’s and information
  • Once all sheets are ready, we send them to you for circuit runs, module numbers, zone descriptions, etc.
  • Once drawings are returned, we finish up the drawings for your approvals.
  • Once approved, tell us how many sets and what size you need and we send them out.

If you chose, we can do all the work for you as well. We can gather the information, render the drawings to include all required submittal guidelines, do the voltage calculations, figure the zone circuits, and provide cut sheets and packages. All drawings are reviewed by our NICET IV Certified Engineer for accuracy.

The typical set includes:

  • Title Sheet
  • Floor Plans
  • Riser Diagrams
  • Equipment Connection Diagrams
  • System Calculations, Including Voltage Drop and Battery Backup
  • Product Information or "Cut Sheets"

Our drawings will reflect your company logos and contact information.

Contact us today for rates and time frames. We currently work with about a 2-3 week turnaround.


Consider us your CAD department.


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