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Fire detection is one of the most important installations that Absolute Security, Fire & Design performs. Besides property protection, life safety is considered the most important thing in a fire alarm system.  Absolute’s ability to execute professionally designed and installed systems has always been our top priority. Our technicians are all highly trained and experienced in installing and servicing these types of systems. All of Absolute’s technicians are NICET certified in the fire alarm industry and receive continuous training to stay within all NFPA72 fire alarm code regulations.

Absolute Security, Fire & Design is proud to use the Silent Knight/Farenhyt line of equipment as our premier line of fire detection systems. With both analog and fully addressable fire alarm panels and devices, the Silent Knight/Farenhyt line can handle any system design from a small office, to multi story buildings to a large campus. One major advantage with Silent Knight/Farenhyt’s fully addressable digital signaling lines is the way it fits perfectly where retrofitting or upgrading is involved. With other brands of panels, some systems only allow communication to devices using specialized wire. Whether your old fire alarm system uses shielded, non-shielded, zip, THHN, twisted or non-twisted wiring, Silent Knight/Farenhyt’s fully digital signaling circuit can use any of these types of wire.  This greatly reduces the cost in upgrading systems in older buildings.

spectraalertadvancedOf course, fire detection is only one part of the equation. Once a fire is detected, it’s System Sensors devices that you hear and see to get you to safety. System Sensor line of horns, strobes and speakers excel in the fire alarm industry and are commonly used by most fire alarm companies.  Their ease of installation, their esthetic looks, cost and most of all their performance makes the line of System Sensor devices our choice for our clients systems.

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